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NJ Face Painter
Professional Face Painting for Events in NJ & NYC

NJ Face Painter
Professional Face Painting for Events in NJ & NYC

Northern NJ Face Painter 

Professional Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos for your Parties & Events


Northern NJ Face Painter 

Professional Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos for your Parties & Events

Face Art by Jan 🦋 Best NJ Face Painter

about Jan

NJ Face Painter Jan at Face Art by Jan Face Painting

 Face Painting has been a passion of mine for many years. I have been blessed with the ability to share my face painting talent with many people & experience the joy it brings to the faces of both children & adults.

I have been an artist all my life  with much formal training in painting & drawing. Over the years my work has been in graphic arts & commercial signage to mural painting & decorative furniture painting which I continue to do .

I’m available for Professional Face Painting  or Glitter Tattoos ( Temporary Tattoos) at your parties or events in NJ

So you have Questions?

Northern NJ face painter

What products do you use?

I use only the highest quality hypoallergenic cosmetic grade, FDA skin approved face paints by Wolfe FX, Silly farm, Snazaroo, Fab, Tag, Mehron, Paradise, Ben Nye, Star Blend, Ruby Red and  cosmetic glitters by Glimmer Body art, Amerikan Body & Mama Clown glitters.

Some so-called face painters have been spotted at events using acrylic paints which contain all sorts of chemicals which have been shown to give children chemical burns. Protect yourself and your children!

How many children can you paint in an hour?

I face paint 10-12 children per hour doing half or full faces. Faster designs are available for larger parties requiring small quick designs

If you have more in a short time I can bring in other artists I work with regularly”

This can vary greatly depending on what local face-painting artists offer and what designs they may have to do and the age of the children. A competent artist should be able to paint 10-15 full faces an hour . If they are age 3-4 vs 9-10 it may take longer, as younger, more active children often take longer to choose a design.

Do the math on how many they offer to paint per hour. 30 kids in one hour comes out to 2 minutes per face. That is for the child to choose a design, pick a color, get in and out of the face painters chair, and any entertaining banter that may go back and forth. That doesn’t leave much time for the painter to do the design and clean the brushes unless of course they get out the paint roller!

Is there anyone you can’t paint at the event?

For safety reasons I can’t paint anyone with skin conditions such as eczema, or  anyone who has a contagious illness, or any sick children as we do not wish to facilitate any spreading of disease or sickness.  I won’t paint any child who doesn’t want to be face painted.

If a child is super squirmy, we do our best to paint what we can, but they may not be able to sit still for a long enough time to get a very intricate design.

What hygiene methods do you use?

I wash my brushes, change my water regularly and use 1 clean sponge per child. I use one stencil per child for glitter tattoos with a latex free skin safe glue. (We do not apply glitter tattoos to the face or neck.) All equipment is cleaned thoroughly after every event.”

Set up says a lot about an artist. A kit that has been lovingly put together so your artist can be clean efficient and look good at your event can be impressive. The organization in the kit often reflects on the organization of the artist in general and the effort they put into their business. Many times a proper kit can cost hundreds of dollars or more and goes a long way towards helping the artist be efficient, clean, and presentable to your guests.

Where did you learn to face paint?

I’ve been an artist all my life! I took  years of private painting classes, I went to Montclair State College where I majored in fine arts , & studied makeup design at Elizabeth Grady in Boston under David Nichols – a celebrity makeup artist. I was a makeup artist

at 2 salons, did bridal makeup as well as some commercial photo shoots. After working as a graphic artist in the signage industry, doing  murals & a lot of decorative painting on furniture for shops & clients, I was asked to do face painting for a St. Baldricks fundraiser. I was overwhelmed by the positive responses to my face painting & requests to do parties soon followed.


Do you do balloon twisting?

I Don’t.  I leave that to the professional Balloon twisters. That’s a whole different talent. I wouldn’t want to offer something like balloons if I’m just mediocre at it. Some face painters do balloons & its basically a dog or a sword etc.. not impressive. I specialize in Amazing Face Painting !

I do Glitter Tattoos! I also can do custom skin ink & glitter tattoos. I paint them free hand with temporary  skin ink & skin glue & glitter. Most glitter tattoo artists just use stencils! I do that too, but hand lettered /painted glitter tattoos at wedding receptions & Bar mitzvahs  are fabulous!

Can your Face Painting match my theme?

Yes!!  Let me know ahead of time. I can make a custom face painting menu boards with pictures that match your theme from which the kids can choose. So, whether it is a super hero theme, a princess party, or a jungle animal theme, I can have your party theme options for you. Many party hosts enjoy the flexibility I have of being able to paint nearly anything the child requests.

How much do you charge?

Rates  vary slightly depending on date, time, location, number of hours .

Call, email or fill out the info form on this website to get a quote for your event.

Do you offer special rates for fundraisers or non profit events?

Occasionally, depending on location, date, time & availability.


Do you travel?

I paint in Essex, Bergan, Passaic, Morris & Union Counties – Northern NJ.  I also do events in NYC ( 3 hrs or longer)

For other areas inquire about Face Painting near me. If Im not available, I keep a referral list so ask about Face Painters near me. 

2 hrs  rate is my minimum for any party or event outside of the West Essex NJ area. Travel over 30 min incurs a travel fee.

I Love My Face Paint customers!

Face painting NJ Butterfly face paint designs by Face Art by Jan Face Painting

Samantha S.    


Jan is AMAZING!!   Jan was the Face Painter Extraordinaire at our recent Temple event and did a fantastic job.  Super talented, each face was its own work of art.  She is super sweet and gracious, gentle & patient with the children and was just a pleasure to have with us.  I highly recommend her for your events. 

Verified Review     Loretta R.

September 26, 2016

The children were so excited, Jan did an outstanding job, the art work was beautiful. I am so glad I chose Jan, I think she out done herself. Amazing!!!!!

                                   Linda C.                                                  • September 30, 2013

We can't thank you enough for the AMAZING job you did this past Saturday at the Myrtle Ave. Block Party. All of the kids were thrilled with your face painting and all of the parents were so impressed with your talent. Thanks again for contributing to our event and making it even better. -Linda

                                    Edith L.                                                                  • May 13, 2010

I hired Jan for my daughter’s 8th birthday party. We thought this would just be a small activity on the side of the party, but it quickly became the main attraction as the children saw each other’s faces and competed to have the most creative face art. it was so good that even the adults got into the action to have their faces done. Jan was amazing at engaging the children's imaginations. I absolutely plan to hire her again!

Hi Jan! Thank you so much for everything. The kids enjoyed the face painting, but I think the adults it enjoyed it more 😂
I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends. 

Thank you so much for the beautiful job that you did at the Morris County Jewish Festival on Sunday.
It was such a pleasure meeting you!
I hope to work with you again in the near future.

Warmly, Shay

The kids loved it and when The kids are happy so are the parents!